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  • KayRin Tanzania Peaberry


    Bright and Bold

    Creamy body with notes of Citrus fruit and a hint of chocolate. From coffee producers around the Kilimanjaro Region.

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  • Brazil Barbosa Gold


    Approachable comfort

    Creamy body and syrupy mouth-feel with notes of cocoa and nuts.

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  • Caffé Deno


    The Seductive Blend

    A seductive aroma, full body, chocolatey rich flavour and mild fruit. Cafe Deno can be enjoyed anytime.

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  • Caffé Origem


    Well balanced blend with a great body.

    With an Earthy aroma, sweet flavor mild chocolate, and added crema. Caffe Origem suits any brewing method.

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  • Columbia Decaff Co2


    Chocolatey and Bold

    Full-bodied, creamy mouth-feel with notes of dark chocolate and mild sweet fruit notes.

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  • Ethiopian Limu


    Mildly Exotic

    Bold with notes of dark chocolate and citrus fruit.

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  • Guatemala SHB EP


    Rich and deep

    Smooth with great body and notes of milk chocolate and mild fruit.

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  • Indonesia Mandheling


    Big and intense

    Full-bodied with notes of dark chocolate and dried tropical fruit.

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