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What sets our coffee apart?

Ever wanted the aroma of a good coffee to match the taste? Well, that’s what we strive to deliver at Kayrin Coffee Roasters.

We source only the finest Arabica coffee beans from around the world and passionately roast them to provide an emotional blend of aroma, flavour body and acidity.

We believe freshly roasted, freshly served. So please enjoy our coffee and allow every cup to add to your experience.

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KayRin Coffee Roasters is a wholesale supplier of quality coffee and coffee related goods, and we welcome Trade Enquiries. We also have a roaming coffee trailer, available for events in the Cape and Garden Route region – contact us today!

Purchase from our online store and receive a FREE bag of coffee with every purchase.

Our Coffee

  • KayRin Tanzania Peaberry


    This coffee is blend from various coffee producers across the Kilimanjaro region. The PB PLus has a Bright bold aroma. Medium citric acidity with medium to bold creamy body. Intense fruity flavours with dark berry and some lime notes leaving a bold chocolatey after-taste.

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  • Brazil Barbosa Gold


    Sweet complex aroma.

    Medium, juicy acidity with enough body. Delicate peachy / litchi flavours with a syrup mouth-feel and hints of dark chocolate in the after-taste.

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  • Caffé Deno


    The Seductive Blend

    A seductive aroma, chocolaty, rich flavour and a slight crisp and refreshing acidity. Cafe Deno can be enjoyed anytime.

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  • Caffé Origem


    Well balanced with a great body

    With an Earthy aroma, sweet flavour and added crema. Caffe Origem should be enjoyed as an espresso.

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  • Columbia Decaff Co2


    Full aroma with a brightness coming through.

    Medium citric acidity with good body. Cherry/berry flavours with hints of dark chocolate leaving a creamy mouth-feel.

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  • Ethiopian Limu


    Rich full aroma.

    Citric acidity with good body. Complex apricot flavour with slight dark chocolate notes in the after-taste.

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  • Guatemala SHB EP


    Full sweet aroma.

    Has acidity and great body. Intense dark chocolate flavour with a creamy mouth-feel and lingering after-taste

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  • Indonesia Mandheling


    Slight fruited aroma.

    Has good body and acidity. Chocolate flavour with a well rounded creamy mouth-feel/ after-taste.

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