The finest Arabica beans


Every coffee cherry has unique characteristics created by the type of tree, the altitude at which it grows, fertility of the soil, area and country of origin and various other environmental and geographical aspects. Combine the temperature, duration and method of roasting and you will agree that each bean is special, very special. Kayrin Coffee Roasters roast “beans of a kind” before blending, as we believe that each special bean should be roasted to extract the most desirable characteristics for your enjoyment.

Caffé Origem

Well balanced with a great body

Beans from the birthplace of coffee, add the slight pungency and distinct fruitiness of this well balanced, full bodied South American blend. With an Earthy aroma, sweet flavour and added crema. Caffe Origem should be enjoyed as an espresso.

Caffé Deno

The Seductive Blend

A full bodied blend of Latin America and exotic Indonesian coffees, delivering a seductive aroma, chocolaty, rich flavour and a slight crisp and refreshing acidity. Cafe Deno can be enjoyed anytime.


1Kg 250g 70g 60g
Caffé Origem R275 R75 R19 R17
Caffé Deno R275 R75 R19 R17
Decaf R300 R80 R21 R19
Filters R65 (250)
Queen Thermo R3350

Please note that all prices excludes delivery fees.

Single Origin Roasts

Kayrin Coffee Roasters also supplies single origin roasts on request from:
Ethiopia Guatemala
Brazil Nicaragua
Indonesian Kallossi Costa Rica
Colombia El Salvador

Enjoy your coffee


Always grind just before brewing and grind coarse for plungers, medium for drip systems and fine for Espresso.


1 heaped tablespoon per cup. You can always add hot water to your cup after brewing.


Fresh, clean and pure.


Place in an opaque airtight container in a cool dark place.

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